Friday, September 4, 2009


Enter. This is the world of the unveiling. Everything that looked one way on the other side ... now looks different. A thing becomes its inverse. What you THOUGHT was the case is not the case. As you wander in the warrens of The Rabbit Hole, you develop new vision. How to see through the underworld. This section begins with some of the material. There is much, much more.

What all this seems to add up to is not pleasant to contemplate. Discussion of these subjects with friends and relatives may result in dismissal and rejection or worse. However, the longer one spends in The Rabbit Hole, the more all the tunnels seem to connect to one another. Most people on this planet believe in the essential goodness of life and that success comes to those who are dedicated and work hard. Yet the issues outlined below all have one thing in common -- that the system and its technologies are set up to work against us. We are being led by our innocence into what can only be summed up as our own genocide, and we are participating in the walk with ignorance and blind trust.

Peace and Love

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